Company Profile

Started in 1978, apex laboratories has been under the able leadership of Mr.S.S.Vanangamudi who is heading the company as the Chairman & Managing Director.

The company is a pioneer in the introduction of Zinc based formulations in India and continues to be the brand leader in the Multivitamin Mineral Supplements segment. The company's growth is powered by its focus on manufacture and supply of quality products, formidable sales & marketing strength, 100% ethical marketing, growing market acceptance of the products and continued patronage by the medical fraternity.

With humble beginnings and 4 decades of growth history, the company today boasts of a formidable people strength of over 2100, strong manufacturing capability with continuous technology improvement, all-India market presence in branded formulations, excellent distribution network, and successful foray into herbal products. The company is ranked among the top 50 fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India by ORG-IMS.

With a range of products in various segments, apex is proud of quite a few brand leaders in India, The company has recorded stable growth over the years and has registered steep growth in the last 10 years. The current business size is INR 500 crores (USD 75 million) and the company aims to achieve INR 750 crores (USD 100 million) by 2020, by leveraging our manufacturing strength, increased presence in overseas markets including regulated markets countries, new product launches and focus on R & D for developing innovative products to the global market.

Message From CMD

I bring warm greetings from apex.

The last 4 decades have been an immensely gratifying experience with apex laboratories. With very humble beginnings, today apex is a significant player in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. We have evolved as a people centered organization, Focus on Quality Products, Formidable Sales & Marketing team and Customer Focus and we have established our leadership in the market by leveraging these strengths.

Our company's ambitious plans for the future will be fuelled by the 4 growth engines namely - leveraging its manufacturing strength, increased presence in overseas markets including regulated markets countries, new product launches and increased focus on R & D for innovation.

Our successful marketing track record should make us an attractive proposition for multinational pharma companies looking to introduce their products in India.

The company is setting up modern manufacturing facilities conforming to international standards. This will provide exclusive production facilities and increased capacity to manufacture oral liquids, oral solids and topicals, apart from giving us the additional capacity to undertake contract manufacturing. These units are built to international specifications and will be able to produce and supply products to the global market in addition to our existing presence in Asia and Africa and some regulated countries like UK, Europe and Canada.

With renewed and strategic focus on R & D, the company could develop many innovative products for the global market. The DSIR approved facility has qualified scientists and the team has developed and applied for patent in respect of 100 products.

Leveraging our innate strength and with the new initiatives, I am sure we will achieve its short term and long term business goals to be among the global leaders in pharmaceutical space in the foreseeable future.

Chairman & Managing Director.


The company strives to become one of the leading players in pharmaceutical industry in India and the global market place, with significant contribution to the society with quality products at affordable cost, thereby becoming a household name in healthcare.


Sustaining brand leadership in its product segments and achieving brand equity in its product segments across the globe. Achievement of business turnover of USD 100 million (INR 750 Crores) by 2020


To contribute to the society by nurturing a vibrant business organization with a human face, known for its quality of products, customer focus, people-oriented management and doing business with conscience.


During the first half of the 20th century, researchers discovered that zinc is essential for the normal growth and survival of plants and animals. Clear evidence of human zinc deficiency began to emerge during the 1960s, when Dr Ananda Prasad first reported cases of dwarfism and delayed sexual maturity among Middle Eastern adolescents. Since then, many researchers working in different areas of the world have found that zinc supplementation increases growth among stunted children and reduces the prevalence of common childhood infections, such as diarrhea and pneumonia.

Zinc in Healthcare

Zinc is essential for human health. It is vital for many biological functions such as disease resistance, wound healing, digestion, reproduction, physical growth and diabetes control. The "World Health Organization's World Health Report 2002" estimated that one-third (33%) of the world's population is at risk of inadequate zinc intakes.

The Zinc People

apex pioneered the introduction of zinc-based formulations into the Indian market. The company's flagship brand Zincovit is the brand leader in its segment in India and has established our identity as 'The Zinc People' in the Indian and the international markets.