Corporate Social Responsibility

The company believes its first and foremost corporate social responsibility is to its team of people employed in various functions. With this belief deeply embedded in the management outlook and practice, the company ensures it lives up to the expectation of its internal stake holders by being a transparent, walk-the-talk action, fulfillment of basic responsibilities in payment of salaries on time, benefits and strict compliance with statutory obligations, continuously evolving non-statutory staff welfare measures which have together contributed to high sense of security, low attrition among employees, improved quality of life of employees. This has earned the company an image of being a 'fair employer' among staff at all levels.

The company voluntarily donates on continuous basis huge quantities of medicine to numerous service organizations whenever there is a request. The medicines are supplied free of cost which goes a long way in supporting the healthcare for the neglected sections of the society like destitute children & women, homeless senior citizens, poor people, handicapped and the like.

The company in more ways than one, has contributed to the socio economic growth in the community. It has been an established policy of the company to provide employment to the local community especially in the workmen category.

The company does not employ child labour and abides by the legal and social responsibilities bestowed upon it.

The company is an equal-opportunity-employer and does not practice discrimination by sex, religion, class and social status in providing employment opportunities at all levels.

The company continues to play an active role in whatever little effort it can spare in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

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