Indian Market

Marketing is one of the core strengths of apex laboratories. The company boasts of a formidable sales and marketing team of over 1400 people across the country.

The company's products are marketed through ethical promotion (promoted through medical fraternity). Consistency in quality and delivery of products to the market on time has earned wide and continued patronage of medical fraternity to the company's products.

The distribution logistics of manufacturing point-to-end user chain is organized through central warehousing, effective transportation logistics management and a distribution network of 2200 channel partners across the length and breadth of India. The products are made available to the consumers through retail pharmacies across the country.

The distributor network functions as an integral part of the company's business operations. The company has in place the required staffing, central warehousing facility with storage conditions as per regulations, highly complex back-end of logistics management and centralized administration.

Marketing Leadership

      The company's dietary supplement products are market leaders in the segment.

      apex products are ranked # 42 in prescription demand

      The company is ranked among the top 50 fastest growing pharma companies in India

      Consistent business growth and increased market share in its product segments of strength